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Eleven Years, Eleven Inspiring Donnie Wahlberg’s Tweets to Start the New Year Off Right!

Since the day Donnie joined Twitter, he has used the platform to inspire us to achieve our goals and dreams and to live our lives to the fullest. Here’s a list of one tweet per year!

Blockheads Donnie Wahlberg

Hailey Finally Became Donnie’s Cover Girl

One of the most expected (and sweet) moments in this Mixtape Tour: the day Hailey’s dream came true!

Blockheads Donnie Wahlberg Fotos Videos

Donnie Wahlberg makes a “cover girl” dream come true

It all started with a letter from a lovely brother looking to make her little sister’s dream come true.

Blockheads Donnie Wahlberg Miscellanea

Lo que sucede cuando Donnie Wahlberg nos escucha y emociona

Si alguien aun duda de qué se trata Thankful, o de la relación entre NKOTB y Blockheads, aquí un indicio.