Donnie Wahlberg News

Donnie Wahlberg on History Channel: Following the Footsteps of Bigfoot

Following the footsteps of Bigfoot in #AncientMonsterquest from narrator and executive producer DonnieWahlberg, on History Channel.

Jonathan Knight

What 2 Watch, With Jonathan Knight

Wondering what to watch this week? Check out what Jon is watching and recommends.

Mixtape Tour Documentary Videos

Mixtape Tour Documentary. E3. 80’s Baby, Behind the Scenes

After four months, we received the third episode of the Mixtape Tour Documentary; this time, we get to take a look behind the scenes of the making of 80’s Baby.

News NKOTB Unwrapped Videos

Watch! NKOTB Unwrapped: The Documentary

The day is finally here! After months of getting previews of the documentary that Elijah Wahlberg (Donnie’s son) and fellow Noah Vera (Donnie’s godson) were working on, we finally get to watch it

Jordan Knight NKOTB Unwrapped Videos

NKOTB Unwrapped: Meet Jordan Knight

Four out of five! Here’s Jordan Knight

Jonathan Knight NKOTB Unwrapped Videos

NKOTB Unwrapped: Meet Jon Knight

Three out five! Here’s Jon Knight

Danny Wood NKOTB Unwrapped Videos

NKOTB Unwrapped: Meet Danny Wood

Bit by bit we begin to know a little more about this NKOTB documentary made by Donnie Wahlberg’s son, Elijah Wahlberg.

Joey McIntyre NKOTB Unwrapped Videos

NKOTB Unwrapped: Meet Joey McIntyre

Check out the latest clip from the NKOTB documentary produced by Elijah Wahlberg

NKOTB Unwrapped Videos

NKOTB documentary by Elijah Wahlberg: First Look

Elijah has answered to every Blockhead’s prayer by sharing on his Instagram account a first look of his work.

A New Kid Said It News NKOTB Unwrapped

Elijah Wahlberg is Making a Documentary About the New Kids On The Block

Elijah Wahlberg (15) – Donnie Wahlberg’s youngest son – seems to be taking his daddy’s steps.