NKOTB Journal 17/45

NKOTB Journal. Oct 30 – Nov 5, 2017

NKOTB Journal. Oct 30 – Nov 5, 2017


#OMG Jordan Knight In The Studio. Is everybody going?


Donnie and Jenny on WWHL. Naughty gossips, funny anecdotes, Blue Bloods, New Kids On The Block and the truth behind make up sex. Did they cover it all?

Alma’s got a new… what?. There are many reasons why Donnie loves #TeamAlma, and here is the number 43.752!

Weekly Dose

Living healthy with Danny Wood. Check out Danny’s workout of the week
Get inspired by Donnie Wahlberg. Check out Donnie’s quotes of the week

Plus… on social media

How To Be Forever Young. That time of the year has come in the US, where we have to turn backs our clocks one our. Jon said, “Only good thing about this daylight savings thing is this time tomorrow I will look an hour younger ?”

Pics of the Week

nkotb collage 1745
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Last but not least… And sadly…

Donnie and Jordan shared his thoughts about the Manhattan Attack and the Texas shooting

“So many emotions. So much to say.
But love & respect for so many victims,
their families & first responders,
are needed more.
@DonnieWahlberg on twitter, oct 31, 2017


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