Special “LE- Cabins” Are Still Available For $849!

Everybody wants to get on the NKOTB cruise 2020! So, the guys gave us a new category of cabins!

LE-Cabins are still available. The rest of the cruise has been sold out. Make your reservation now!

Great news from Rose Tours! Additional cabins have been made available by popular demand.

These cabins, are under the category LE; they are double (for two people) and they cost $849 per person.

What’s the difference with the rest of the cabins?

LE Category Cabins don’t include access to theater events (such as the game show, concert, etc)

Can You Upgrade an LE-Cabin?

Sadly, no. But hey, you will be spending four days on a cruise with NKOTB, you will have your photo op with them, you will enjoy Half Moon Cay with them and the friends you have and will make!

The only thing you won’t have access to, is – probably an hour and a half of – an event in the theater. The rest of the whole cruise, will be yours to conquer! Theme nights! And probably Donnie calling you through the cabin speaker telling you to get your ass #rightnow to the Lido Deck for some extra fun!… There’s always an extra surprise on that boat šŸ™‚

Would you miss this opportunity?

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To learn more about LE-Cabins, please visit Rose Tours. The clock is ticking!