NKOTB Cruise

The NKOTB Cruise, will set sail on the Carnival Conquest, from a Miami (FL) to Half Moon Cay, on Thursday April 23, 2020. After four days of fun (one in Half Moon Cay!) and four nights, it’ll return on Monday April 27, 2020.

Presales And Onsales

10 Timers PresaleWednesday October 1610:00 AM ET
Block Nation PresaleWednesday October 1612:00 PM ET
Past Guest PresaleThursday October 1712:00 PM ET
General OnsaleFriday October 1812:00 PM ET

A BH Friendly Guide

First time cruiser? Check out this guide! Begin right here by taking a look at the Whole Picture, and then find out:

  1. what’s included in the price and what isn’t;
  2. how much does it cost;
  3. how to book step by step;
  4. cancelation and name changes.

Take a close look at following the whole picture to get familiar with the guide you’re about to read. This friendly guide has been made with the official information posted at nkotbcruise.com (last updated Oct 11, 2020)

The Whole Picture

First of all, you need to be at least 16 years old.

The trip last four nights. You’ll set sail on a Thursday afternoon, and return on Monday morning.

Remember you need to have an account at rosetours; every guest – every single person in a cabin – must have one account. 

You’ll have plenty to eat and drink, and a lot of time with the New Kids. You get all the meals, juices, coffee, shows, the photo op and a lot more. (Alcohol, bottled water and sodas are NOT included in the price)

When you book the cruise, you book “a bed in a cabin”, so all the listed prices you’ll see are per person

  • If you travel alone, you can pick a single cabin (to be alone) or join the match program (where you’ll be in a double cabin, with another person of your same sex)
  • If you travel with company, you and your friend must decide who is going to do the booking; you can pick a double, triple or quadruple cabin; only one of you must make the booking for everyone; 

The cabins (all of them; the singles, the doubles, the triples and quadruples) are split in two groups; one has reserved seats for the shows and the other one doesn’t.

In any case, seats are given per time of booking, and you’ll know your seat when you check in at the port (they’ll give you a wrist band).

Finally, there are some things you need to bring, such us: your documents; money for your personal expenses; and the BH pack (a Blockhead way to pack your suitcase, coming from cruisers who said, “‘I should have bring ‘that’”)

Now, onto the details!

>> What’s Included In the Price?

All guests need to register an account at RoseTours. RoseTours need full legal names, dates of birth, citizenship, addresses, email, phone number and emergency contact for all passengers. Register your account today.

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