NKOTB Cruise

The NKOTB cruise Nº10 (Oct 18-22, 2018) has been announced. Stay tuned for information regarding the pre-sale!

The NKOTB cruise 2020 is happening! Virtually!

Here’s your schedule:

Let’s Set Sail

The Oath, with Donnie Wahlberg, as we get ready for the release of NKOTB’s new single “House Party”

Day 1 ▶️

12.00 AM ET: House Party Release
8:00 AM ET: Cruise Documentary Premieres on YouTube
8:10 AM ET: Donnie on Boston’s Kiss 108
8:30 AM ET: NKOTB on Good Morning America (ABC)
10:00 AM ET: Jenny McCarthy Show – Sirius XM Stars 109
5:00 PM ET: NKOTB Day 1 Virtual Gathering Live Stream. Lido Deck Party / Town Hall Launch on YouTube and Facebook
7:00 PM ET: NKOTB on Entertainment Tonight
10:00 PM ET: Donnie “Blue Bloods’ Live Tweet
11:00PM ET: Donnie & Jenny’s 80’s/90’s – Themed Karaoke – Donnie Walhberg’s Instagram

Day 2 ▶️

2:00 PM ET. Game Show
3:00 PM ET. Baking With Danny Wood
9:00 PM ET. Joey McIntyre Live Concert
10:00 PM ET. Glitter Night Party