NKOTB Weekly 21/10

New Kids On The Block latest news. Plus: behind the premiere of Farmhouse Fixer; a beer with Donnie’s name; stories and anecdotes; and more!

Let’s Talk Accents, With Jon

Jon opened a conversation on Twitter about accents and we are on it!

Virtual Event With Danny Wood: March Madness

On March 27, Danny Wood and Team Betty Nola will host a night of virtual games and trivia fun. Tickets are limited!

Donnie Tries the “Donnie Is The Talented Wahlberg” Beer (For Real)

Who is making the “Donnie is the Talented Wahlberg” beer and how to get it.

Farmhouse Fixer (S1E1) Preview, Photos and More!

Read, see and watch the highlights of the premiere of Farmhouse Fixer among the BH fam.

NKOTB Weekly 21/09

New Kids On The Block latest news. Plus: an emotional week; wedding alert! photos and more photos; fun time, digging into old posts and more!

5 Times Jon Knight and Harley Rodriguez Made Us Fall In Love; Believe in Love; Feel the Love

Jonathan Knight and Harley Rodriguez are celebrating the anniversary of the date they met, thirteen years ago.

Two In The Morning. One At Dawn

With NKOTB’s “2 In The Morning,” we reflect on how some relationships are not meant to be and can harm us #girltalk #domesticabuse

NKOTB Weekly 2108

New Kids On The Block latest news. Plus: NKOTB’s Greatest Hits 101; getting ready for upcoming TV shows; TWUG fest on Twitter; and more!