Has Jordan Knight Left Twitter Too?

Jordan Knight’s twitter account doesn’t have the blue check mark anymore.

Hey sist… Sorry about the bad news, but we may not longer have Jordan Knight on social media, at all.

Please take a deep breath and read the following carefully, because since Twitter allows to change usernames you may get confused.

I was going to take a break today; my brain really needs it for my health. So I sat down to only check your beautiful comments and mentions! And that’s when I saw Orianna giving me the heads up for the anniversary of the release of the album “New Kids On The Block.”

Did you notice what’s wrong with the mentions?

As I was going to re post her tweet, I noticed she had tagged “@jordanknight617” which is not Jordan Knight… So I thought.

The truth is, that is “jordanknight617” is indeed Jordan Knight without a blue check mark.

How do I know this? Because I have a private list on twitter, with the guys, and – as you can see below – that is Jordan Knight without a blue check mark.

Heads up! There’s a new account, “Jordan Knight” that appears suspended. As far I am concerned, this is not Jordan Knight.

To Be Perfectly Clear

Jordan Knight’s account on twitter is still active; the thing is, the username has changed (to jordanknight 617) and it’s no longer verified by Twitter with the blue badge.

Do you remember when we saw New Kid’s first tweets? Well, here is how Jordan’s first tweet looked like,

and how it looks like to this date:

You can find his first tweet at twitter/jk/1554570889

Until further notice:

Trust no one.

And spread the word.

By Laly
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