Joey McIntyre Gets a New Look

After a year of that gorgeous look he got at Rita Hazan, Joey is getting a new look… at home!

Last year around this time, Joey was rehearsing for “Twelfth Night” and someone from the staff had told him that he needed a colouring (because it’s good for the stage and makes the hair pop.) So, for his birthday he went Rita Hazan on the Fifth Avenue and he recorded it all.

Now, a year later, he thinks he looks like he’s auditioning for “The Cure” so he believes it’s time to say goodbye to that amazing job Gio Bargallo did for him.

IG / giobargallo, Dec 31, 2019

But, this time around Joey will be doing it “at home”… and by himself? 😮 According to his instagram stories, he’ll reveal the new look on his birthday. Stay tuned!

By Laly
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