Merry Christmas, From the New Kids On The Block

How the New Kids On the Block celebrated Christmas? With their families, dancing and sharing the sweetest memories.

The New Kids On The Blocked celebrated this Christmas with us, by sharing pictures, videos and messages from the past 🥰

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In Pictures

Through their Instagram Stories, Joey shared a photo with his kids and Donnie the gift from his wife; on Instagram, Danny posted a new picture dressed as Santa Claus, holding his grand daughter Rose, as he did last year.

On Video

Danny Wood danced dressed as Santa Claus…

The New Kids posted a clip from the Holiday Potluck Stream, where they were talking about how they used to dress up during the performances…

Christmas Messages from 1989

Last but not least, on Wednesday the guys shared on Instagram a series of clips with Christmas messages from the past 🤗

Happy holidays!

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