What is NKOTB Working On?

It’s been over a month since we last saw NKOTB together. What are they up to?

Last night, Joey posted on his Instagram stories a snapshot with all the guys and a text saying “This just happened.”

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Joey McIntyre / IG Stories, July 15, 2020

They spoiled us during the quarantine… which is still happening for many of us. The last time we saw a live chat was on June 13; when we celebrated the 30th Anniversary of Step by Step; and then, besides a tweet or an Instagram post, from time to time, we wondered “Why did they stop? What’s next?”

Joey made a made a cameo at Tori Spelling’s show on TBS and then posted the 4th episode of his show; Jon showed how much fun Harley is having at the farm; and Donnie went MIA for two weeks, until he showed up again the day they announced the reschedule of the concert at Fenway Park… and then again to tell us about Alma’s health.

Now, what are they up to? We know they have a group chat and they enjoy talking on regular basis but… are we going to have a new live stream soon? Stay tune!

By Laly
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