Joey McIntyre is in New York! With Some “Unsubscribe” Issues

Joey is back in Manhattan enjoying the summer, but not so much the texts he’s receiving.

He still loves New York… ☺️ Joey’s afternoon, enjoying a walk at the Brooklyn Bridge, took a turn when he received a message – to support Trump – from someone with whom he haven’t had shared his information. Don’t you hate when that happens?

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As he explained through his Instagram Stories, Joey made a donation to Marco Rubio back in 2016, which turned out giving him “this president” and his information to the Republican Party. He tried unsuccessfully to unsubscribe, many times, and yesterday he received a quite impolite text to not abandon the president (capital letters on the web are like yelling, ladies and gents)

If you check the 5X-Match website, you’ll see – after a security check – the option to donate from ·$35 to $10,000 or more to help defend the president’s Senate allies before the next major deadline. The Republican Party, wants to “stop Chuck Schummer and Democrats from taking control!” (OMG! They included an exclamation mark!) Don’t you hate politics?

By Laly
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