Whatever Night You Want It To Be. Episode 4

In this episode, Gabe Lopez joins Joey McIntyre to play Elthon Jon, R.E.M and Simple Minds’ songs.

Are you ready to get in touch with your feelings? Even though there’s humor as usual, this episode is one that may prompt you to close your eyes (yes, forgetting about Joey’s gorgeous blue eyes) and focus on his voice and the deepest emotion coming from it. But, he wraps it up with a bang 😉

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We gotta thank Joey for leaving so much content in this episode, which is the longest to date. Last week, as he was editing the video, he was having doubts on what to keep or not because it all made him smile; now, we can see why.

From Broadway (that is a ladder to the ceiling of his house), reciting Orsino’s lines from Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, the episode starts with the appearance of Joey’s second biggest fan: his wife Barret (assuming of course dady’s girl, Kira, is his biggest fan) and the introduction of the hilarious Adam Ray.

Joey and Gabe talk about love, blond ambitions, family, the “important” times we’re going through, and the new upcoming band “The Warmer Tones.” ?

Set List

“I Want Love,” by Elthon Jon

“Everybody hurts,” by R.E.M

“Alive and Kicking”, by Simple Minds

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