Joe Mac and Eman in Concert #JoeShow

Promising “twenty minutes or so, to get away from the day to day” and “hoping you’ll get something out of it”, Joey announces his next concert to be streamed on line. And he’s doing it with Eman!

Joey and Eman (Emanuel Kiriakou; singer /songwriter) go way back. In 2002 they released an album together, “One Too Many – Live From New York” after having been touring. In 2011, they came back with a weekly show (a residency) at the Palms in Las Vegas; and not so long ago, Eman Joined Joey in 2018 at the Hotel Café in Los Angeles for Joey’s “Hollywood Nights.” 

Recently Eman – who just got married in his front yard – accompanied Joey during the concert for the virtual NKOTB cruise, with his guitar and on the keyboards, while Joey sang U2’s “One love” and the song they wrote for their Vegas residency.

There are two things you we can expect – for sure – from these two: impeccable talent and humor. It’s a match made in heaven and… why aren’t they recording a new album together?

The concert premieres this Saturday 23 at night; Joey didn’t mention which platform he’s going to use. So, stay tune!

Joey McIntyre / Instagram Stories, May 2020
By Laly
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