The Wanderer, Starring Joey McIntyre, Has a New Opening Date!

After having been postponed due to the pandemic, “The Wanderer” – starring Joey McIntyre – is going to premiere on Spring, 2021.

Well, that was fast! Just a few days ago Joey was sharing the news that the play had to be postponed; the official statement read that it was not going to be produced “during the 2019-20 season, but discussions are underway about when it can be rescheduled.” The discussions, apparently, are done!

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Today at noon, the official account of The Wanderer (on Twitter) posted: “NEW PERFORMANCE DATES: Join us for the World Premiere of The Wanderer at @Paper_Mill Playhouse, April 8 through May 9, 2021!”

It seems like a long time of waiting, but at least we know it will be happening!

Stay tuned for more updates ?

By Laly
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