FarmHouse Fixer: Casting Call

Following Jonathan Knight and Kristina Crestin in the making of Farmhouse Fixer.

… and all the BHs yell, “Me, me, me!”… Wait…

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As we learn more about Jon’s six-part series on HGTV, we discover that Kristina Crestin – local renowned designer – is going to be his partner on this project, and they’re still looking for houses to feature on the first season.

Do you have an antique or historic farmhouse in need of renovating? If you do, you’re probably putting a mortgage on it to get to NKOTB’s concert at Fenway Park or the NKOTB cruise 2020 … Still, as the good sisters we are, we click on Jon’s post on Instagram, and share it!

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Dear Jonathan,
love FF.and so appreciate your vision and talents…. regarding the cowbells was it intended that we don’t see how they are adhered to the wall..?? I have many CB’S and want to make some art thanks so much lita poppenberg

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