Joey Receives the New Year, among meditation, BTS and N’SYNC

Among meditation, BTS and N’SYNC, Joey McIntyre shares his good spirit for this 2020

Joey closed the 2019 with a heartfelt message on Instagram; after taking a moment to mediate in a church, he wrote:

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Amazing how one can find this beautiful peaceful spot in the busiest city in the world.My 15 minute #meditation today was simply about feeling #grateful– for this moment, this year, this decade, this birthday.

What comes up now is that the gift is that there is nothing to get. Being is enough.

Of course I want to be more kind and risk taking chances and try new things and question life on a daily basis, yet I know one thing for sure is that the first step is showing up. From there, I get by with a lot of help from my friends.

#itworksifyouworkit -and what that looks like to me is taking care of me first so I can be there for other in a fuller kinder way.


— Joey McIntyre

Later he shared on Twitter “One last genuine message of #love and #gratitude for #2019″; he said, “balancing out my #nye’s: last year #TimesSquare for the the ball drop; this year asleep by 10:30 Zzzzzzzz 🙂 xoxo Here’s to a fruitful #2020!!!”

Bye, Bye, Bye!

And then on the very first day of the year, he faced an impossible choice ?: BTS or N’SYNC? On his Instagram Stories, Joey opened a poll so we could help him decide whether to get BTS dolls – half off after Christmas – or not; his sons, as he wrote, simply said, “You don’t even listen to them!”

But on a second thought, he chose a cool set from one of the boybands he does listen to ☺️

Discounts after holidays… You gotta love them!

Happy new year, BH!

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