Mixtape Tour in Cleveland (OH) Journal #3

On the day of the Mixtape Tour’s second concert, the New Kids shared the VIP experience, fun time and photos, and Donnie visited Wahlburgers for a selfie session. Pics of the concert: checked!

Donnie Wahlberg Taking Selfies at Wahlburgers in Cleveland

Early in the morning, after Danny worked on his gorgeous muscles, Donnie flew to Cleveland to pay a visit to Wahlburgers before the show. He let us know with a pic, and shared the whole experience live!

Donnie Wahlberg boarding the NKOTB Airplane, May 4, 2019

Photography by @donniewahlberg

Donnie Wahlberg With Fans at Wahlburgers. Cleveland (OH) May 4, 2019

Photography by @donniewahlberg

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