Happy Easter from NKOTB!

Check out the greetings from the New Kids On The Block on this Resurrection Sunday. Game included: find the Photoshopped spot in the Macs family photo

Check out the greetings from NKOTB on this Resurrection Sunday.

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Joey was the first to say Happy Easter (and Happy Spring!) even though he had to Photoshop his family photo (In case you need a clue: one of the kids showed a personal greeting 😛 ); then we had Danny, Donnie and the whole bunch!

Joey wrote on Instagram, “Thx to our Mimi for a wonderful Seder last night- Now on to the egg hunt!!! #happyeaster #happypassover #happyspring🐣🌸💐(Speaking of “Easter eggs”- spot the photoshop and guess why 🙄)”

Joey McIntyre and his family on Easter Sunday. Apr 21, 2019

Photography by @joeymcintyre

Happy Easter, Blockheads!

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