New Kid On The Block, Broadway actor and family man. Catch up with Joe Mac after the final bow … and before the Mixtape Tour!

During his last week on Broadway, Joey shared a video almost every single day: biking from the Times Square to the Hudson River, reflecting in Central Park, having fun in Dr. Pomatter’s dressing room, singing one last time at the subway station with “the Maestro,” his daily routine before his performances and even his moments of solitude saying, “see you soon” with a beer in hand.

On Monday, he shared the final bow on Instagram, thanking the cast of Waitress the Musical, his new family, saying, “@waitressmusical fam!! You have taught me so much. Love you the whole wil’ world. Xoxoxo. Save me a slice!! Luv u Arica 🙂 you slayed Becky first time out! Nadia, all my buddies in the band-Thanks for sending me off with a Red Sox shoutout- #SweetCaroline – good idea Meg. Sorry Lee 😉”

And then, he went straight back to be the family man he is.

Joey McIntyre: A Family Man

First he took his wife to eat sushi; he shared the photo saying, “#sushi with my sweetie.”

Joey McIntyre and his wife at a Sushi Place. NYC, Apr 9, 2019. Photography by @JoeyMcIntyre

Then he took Rhys to do some sports… “Back to work – he wrote – I love this job too”

Joey McIntyre and his son Rhys. NYC, Apr 9, 2019.

Photography by @ JoeyMcIntyre

On Saturday, the Macs walked in Central Park to fight blindness, with friends they’ve met through @MassEyeAndEar.

Joey McIntyre and his family. Central Park, NYC. Apr 13, 2019

Photography by @JoeyMcIntyre

And Who’s the New Dr. Pomatter? Meet Jeremy Jordan

As he went back to his full-time job as husband and father, Joey extended his well wishes to the new Dr. Pomatter, Jeremy Jordan, just like Gavin Creel did with him when took over the role: “#3dudes1Pom … my new buddy Gavin Creel was so gracious to me as I took over in @waitressmusical and I now extend the same well wishes to @jeremymjordan – enjoy the sweet ride, man! 🙏💜👍”

Jeremy Jordan, Joey McIntyre and Gavin Creel, in Waitress the Musical Dr. Pomatter’s Dressing Room. NYC, April 2019.

Photography by @JoeyMcIntyre