NKOTB Weekly | Ed. 19/13

Ticket alert; Joey announces performance at new event; a new episode of the Mixtape Tour Documentary; Jon asks for ideas for a possible new show and more.


Blue Bloods Has a New Home at Sky Witness (3/25/19)

Jon on Politics and the Social Media Attack on Jordan (3/26/19)

He wrote, “Not happy with our current president, but the media these days makes me equally unhappy. Report true facts when you have proof, and stop sensationalism before real facts are proven! This social media age is killing us all, and creating more distance between us!”

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And he continued, “This is exactly what my brother said on his Facebook and so many fans attacked! Why? Look at the media and all the sensationalism! Hell even our weather these days is sensationalized. Why????? Is it gonna snow or not? Why make it 12 inches when you know it’s only 4inches?”

Jon on Scams (3/26/19)

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