Is Danny bringing back his #SoloWood?

Danny Wood is working with Pete Masitti. What are they up to?

On Monday morning Danny shared another picture from the studio. What is he up to?

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Danny Wood smiling in a recording studio
Danny Wood.Miami, Florida © @DannyWoodOfficial on Instagram, Nov 27, 2017

When Danny shared, on November 6, his first picture in the studio, he mentioned the possibility of him to be working with NKOTB, for Solo Wood, or for “best of both worlds”. Now he tells us he is in the studio again; on his latest Instagram, he says he had a “very productive day” with Pete Masitti, and again he leaves a Solo Wood hashtag.

Pete Masitti co-wrote with Danny most of the songs of the album Second Face (2003), and this album was recorded at Pete’s recording studio in Miami “West End Recording Studios”. Massitti is a graduate from Julliard School of Music in NYC, he has a Masters Degree in Music Productions from the University of Miami and he has worked with great artists such as Kelly Rowland, Toni Braxton, Julio Iglesias (Sr and Jr) and Shakira.

NKOTB, Solo Wood or the best of both worlds? We’ll find out about it very soon.


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