How often do you call your mom and say, “He doesn’t do anything!”… Well, it seems Barrett won the jackpot.

Joey McIntyre cleaning basement LA California Oct 3 2017
Joey McIntyre. LA, California, Oct 3, 2017 cc @joeymcintyre on instagram

I used to call my mother complaining about my husband, saying, “But mom, I have to do everything!”, and she used to reply, “Honey, all men are the same. I still tell your father what to wear.” #TheHorror

However, Joey is … unique. He cleans… Or (please, allow me to wonder) does he say “he cleans” when – in fact- he just … digs into the old boxes, opens all of them, and then leaves them right there, saying to Barrett, “Honey, I’ll finish tomorrow”… #TheHorror

Let’s go with the “he cleans, he is an awesome husband. I’ll show this post to my husband/boyfriend/significant other and say, ‘Look, this is how you should do it’. The New Kids rock.”

First he found a nice oldie from the…90s? A TV with a VCR in it. Later he went bananas when he found the “Just A Friend” cassette by Biz Markie.

Greatest news are: there are husbands who clean. Print this. Clame your right to have a clean home. I’m a lawyer. These two Instagram pics counts as proof… 🙄