A Typical Day in the McIntyre Family

Joey sings, the kids have their lollipops, Barrett is cooking…. It’s just another day in the Mac house.

Back in his house, after the Total Package Tour, here is the “Return of the Mac” (homemade version).

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Joey explained on instagram: “Was explaining to the kids that this was the song- L.O.V.E. by #NatKingCole- that I sang to audition for #NKOTB (#nynuk at the time). I said it was 34 years but as you can see, Griffin caught it right away that I was 2 years off. It’s been 32 years. Yikes!! And Barrett got some sweet moves in the #kitchen, huh?? #livingthedream as G said.”- IG/JM

Did you know Joey got married at the Plaza Hotel? Watch him talking about it!

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