Elijah Wahlberg (15) – Donnie Wahlberg’s youngest son – seems to be taking his daddy’s steps. A low-profile young man, whom we can see sometimes on stage with his dad, and whom we watched in one of Donnie Loves Jenny Episodes (S5 E7), has a lot of talent in his genes and he is about to show it to the world.

According to Jordan Knight, on one of his latest Facebook Live, Elijah and his friend Noah (videographer) are touring with NKOTB and making a documentary about the New Kids On The Block.

08/12/17 – NKOTB documentary by Elijah Wahlberg: First Look

This is the 8th time Elijah is touring with NKOTB, and we still don’t know which role he’s taking part in this documentary, but we most certainly know that we’ll follow him and give him all of our support.

All the best Elijah!