32 years ago, on June 16, Joey joined the New Kids On The Block… Hey, hey, hey, did you know about that? This is what we can hear on this Facebook Live, plus:

  • A new bench to hangin’ tough (Joe’s bench!) and how to duct tape it;
  • no hugs for Victor, Blockheads! But you can rub his head on your way out;
  • getting to know “little boy bolshevik” and “big boy bolshevik”
  • vodka is the best juice;
  • there are russian and american spies, so we are even;
  • Joey takes his shirt off for Putin (yes, you are reading this correctly);
  • how to take care of Trump;
  • butter burgers and food, tons of food;
  • a comercial by Joey McIntyre, featuring ISO 100 proteins (and yes, you are reading this correctly);
  • fake snow on Jordan’s hair;
  • you don’t mess with jews, not on this tour;
  • trading Amazon stocks;
  • how to read brands backwards;
  • the game guys play after each show;
  • and last but not least: what do NKOTB drink on stage? …

And! If you think because they’re having a good time, they are drunk… You are wrong!

… Yup… That sums it up… #CraziestFacebookLiveEver